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When your dad wants to be your BFF
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A few years after her mother’s passing, 17-year old TENI’s (10e) reputation at school takes a major hit before the prom. To further complicate the daily rigors of teenage life, her father, ROBERT, an advertising executive who has since rebuilt his business, tries to do the same with the relationship with his daughter.

Against his shrinks advice, overeager ROBERT tries really hard to get close to TENI by showing his own way of caring for her. He tries to find out about his daughter’s personal life with the help of his newly appointed, 19 year-old intern, MICHAEL.

Practically being raised by her extended family, TENI is very academically inclined and mature for her age, with compassion for others, a touch of sarcasm, and a hint of rebelliousness. After she catches on to her father’s plan, TENI realizes that in order to get her father off of her back, she needs to convince him to find a lady friend. She recruits her friends to create online dating profiles in order to introduce her father to potential companions. Little did she know that her father already was seeing someone that he was not yet ready to introduce to her.

Things escalate when ROBERT gets TENI’s friends from school to participate in a focus group for a project, and in retaliation, TENI throws a party at the house with almost half of the school showing up.

A series of hilarious interactions between father and daughter ensues that starts to close the generational gap between them. What finally brings them together is a long overdue heart to heart conversation about past transgressions. One thing becomes certain, they will always have each other.

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